Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about nasal aesthetics and ENT

1Is there an age limit for nasal aesthetic surgery?
They need to be 18 years old in order for the patient to make informed decisions and for nose development to be completed.
2Is season important to be rhinoplasty?
It can be done in all seasons of the year. For the summer months only sun protection is enough.
3Can newborn mothers or suckling mothers perform nasal aesthetic surgery?
For the first 6 months, babies are only breastfed, so if you do not need it, we recommend that you do it when you have additional food. However, if this is the case, the mother should accumulate milk for the day she will anesthetize. It may start to suck after 8 hours of surgery.
4What should be considered before nose aesthetics?
Vitamin E, blood thinners such as aspirin should be discontinued.
5How long does nasal aesthetic surgery last?
It takes about 1-2 hours on average.
6Do we have pain after a nose surgery?
There may be a slight feeling of fullness in the nose and forehead area.
7Does it have bleeding after a nose surgery?
There may be a gradually decreasing bleeding in the first 48 hours as a slight leak.
8When does the patient return to normal life?
Bed rest is required for 1 day after surgery. On the second day of surgery, 5-10 minute light walks should be done. Daily activities can be done by the third day. If you are not working in heavy conditions after 1 week, you can return to work life.
9Do we have a lot of bruises and swelling after the surgery?
It can be very light. On the second day of surgery, it disappears.
10When will the nose bandage be removed?
Attached splints and aesthetic bands are usually removed on the seventh day.
11What should be considered after surgery for nasal aesthetics?
The face must be protected from sun rays and bumps. It should be avoided from the tedious movements that increase the blood pressure.
12When can I do makeup?
Closure can be used after the second day of operation. 3-4 days after the make-up can be done to normal.
13When can I use glasses or sunglasses?
Heavy and pressure glasses should not be worn for 1-2 months.